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What Happens During STD Testing

Probably, you are curious about what will take place on STD testing. A lot of people are actually thinking that this is a complicated or a painful process. What you must understand that this is not true at all. You must know that the process is quite easy and simple and you don’t need to get a referral from the doctor. There are many participating labs that you will find across the country that will allow people to request for their own STD testing and such is quite easy to do.

The first step is that you will be asked to request for FDA-approved screening form online from the participating lab. The screenings that you may go for include herpes 1 and 2, HIV, gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia and also hepatitis B, C and A. You may also opt for the full panel test. You can be tested for all at the same time and this is what the most doctors recommend.

The second thing to do is to go to the local laboratory in order to submit the urine and blood sample. This is then determined by the test which is chosen. Because the test was ordered through the internet, the laboratory or clinic already has an idea on what should be done when you get there. There is no additional paperwork or appointment that is required. What the clinic will simply do is to take a small sample of blood or urine from you and that’s it. It is the goal of the laboratory staff to discreetly accept folks in and out in just minutes.

The third step is that the laboratory would analyze the sample and then will send the result through email within 24 to 48 hours. Know that the email is confidential and this would include the contact information for a doctor whenever the result shows positive for something. Because of this, treatment can be made immediately.

Getting one STD actually increases the risk of an individual to have more than one and this is why a full panel screening is highly recommended. Moreover, it is advisable that both partners get tested in order to get a fast treatment.

You should know that STD testing is not at all scary, but what must scare you out is having an STD and not knowing it. When this is left untreated, then the STD’s would spread really fast. Moreover, they may cause serious health problems or death. This is the reason why you must have yourself screened.

Any person who is really active is at risk of contracting an STD. This is the reason that abstinence is the only way to avoid the risk. What this means is one should avoid sexual contact and also intimate touching as well as kissing.

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